Definition of a Wonk...from a Unwoke

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Feb 11, 2007
Oklahoma City
"Definition of "woke."

A refusal to grant the right of free speech to anyone who is not woke.

A refusal to accept the rights granted by the Second Amendment to anyone except woke elite's bodyguards.

A complete understanding of giving free health care to illegal border jumpers while veterans sleep in the streets.

Finding nothing wrong with killing the unborn at nine months. (or more)

Accepting that Antifa can beat up conservatives on the streets of America without the threat of arrest.

Demanding that there be laws for the "woke" and laws for the "unwoke" that are not the same.

Finding that giving repatriations to people who were never slaves is somehow the thing to do. (buying votes perhaps?)

I could go on.

An "unwoke."