CRFF - OSU wrestling: Jordan Oliver gets upset by Jason Nolf at Rumble on the Rooftop

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Feb 17, 2018
Jordan Oliver, right, wrestles Jason Nolf in a freestyle match in the main event of the Rumble on the Rooftop exhibition Sunday, June 28, 2020, in Chicago.
The former Cowboy did not generate much offensively in the loss.

Jordan Oliver struggled to get his offense going in a 4-1 loss to Jason Nolf in a freestyle match in the main event of Rumble on the Rooftop exhibition Sunday in Chicago.

Oliver, a two-time NCAA champion and three-time finalist at Oklahoma State, was active with level changes and creating space in the first period but trailed 1-0 at the break after not scoring on the shot clock. Early in the second period, he tied the match 1-1 against the three-time NCAA champ from Penn State when Nolf didn’t score while on the shot clock. Later in the period, Oliver was again placed on the shot clock and did not score, giving Nolf a 2-1 lead.

Nolf pushed the pace in the final minute, going for a single-leg takedown with 30 seconds remaining but Oliver blocked it and secured a headpinch. Oliver held the position in the middle of the mat before Nolf rose to his feet and the two battled in side control. Nolf finished a double-leg takedown with three seconds left by hooking Oliver’s right leg into his body for the 4-1 final.

The match lacked the high-paced action fans have come to expect from the two wrestlers, and Nolf told announcer Jordan Blanton — a former three-time All-American at Illinois — that he wants another match against Oliver to deliver for the fans.

“We can put on a better show than that,” Nolf said “Three points, with no offensive points. It kind of stunk. I told him I want to wrestle him again sometime. Maybe we can set up a round two and get some points on the mat.”

Oliver took to Twitter to express disappointment in his performance and wanting to put on a better show in his next match.

Not the best showing but thats my fault and will do better for myself but for the fans until next time!

— Jordan Oliver (@that_dude_JO) June 29, 2020

Both wrestlers are top contenders for the United States’ men’s freestyle team for the 2021 Olympics, Nolf at 74 kilograms and Oliver at 65 kg.

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