CRFF - Oklahoma State athletes, coaches react to George Floyd’s death and national protests

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Feb 17, 2018
Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports
Cowboys coaches Mike Gundy and Mike Boynton call for people to work together.

Our nation is in mourning. The events of the last week have been heartbreaking to say the least. Social injustice is at the forefront of our minds once again as another Black man was the victim of police brutality. May George Floyd rest in peace.

My thoughts and feelings include praying for a better tomorrow for our Black brothers and sisters. I feel a responsibility to thwart racism wherever and whenever I can. That includes both in public and at the polls. This can’t just be something everyone gets fired up over after someone dies. It has to be all year.

Everyone is putting out statements about their thoughts and feelings on the matter, and that is a great thing. Unfortunately, Twitter didn’t save Floyd just like it couldn’t save countless others. Our words need to be accompanied by action.

As protests ensue in the midst of a pandemic, words are the easiest thing to offer. With many still uneasy about leaving home, words take the place of many people who can’t protest in public. These are the words of Oklahoma State athletes — both past and present — and coaches.

— Mike Gundy (@CoachGundy) May 31, 2020

If you support us on the field, but can’t support us now.. BEAT IT! BRING CHANGE!

— Chuba Hubbard (@Hubbard_RMN) May 31, 2020

Just a thought.

— Amen Ogbongbemiga (@closedprayer) May 30, 2020

✊ ❤️ Do Better. Be Better

— Mike Boynton (@thacoachmike) May 29, 2020

Nothing changes if nothing changes..

— Dillon Stoner (@dillon_stoner) May 29, 2020

I get to see my guys soon! It’s a beautiful thing about sports that we all get thrown together and find a way to make it work. Team, family, culture ... I wish that everyone could get out of their comfort zone and experience it.

— Coach Wozniak (@JohnWozniak2) May 31, 2020

As we pray for #GeorgeFloyd and his family, we are reminded of how ugly this world can be. It really sucks. This isn’t about race. Everyone should be upset about this - regardless of your race. I pray for his family. We have to do better. We can’t let this continue to happen. RIP

— Daniel Cormier (@dc_mma) May 27, 2020

— Jim Littell (@Coach_Littell) May 31, 2020

Nobody is born hating or discriminating someone else for the color of their skin

— Spencer Sanders (@SpenceSanders) May 31, 2020

Forge change.

— Oklahoma State Athletics (@OSUAthletics) May 31, 2020

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