CRFF - High Noon Highlights(5/16): The secret injury Thomas Dziagwa was dealing with last season

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Feb 17, 2018

Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics.

It’s high noon...

Thomas Dziagwa played with an injury last season:

Thomas Dziagwa dealt with an injury to a ligament in his hand for 29 games last season. The injury was something that Dizzy kept close to him, telling very few people.

“During practice was when the most pain would be,” Dizagwa said. “Because there’s no adrenaline during practice.”

He sustained the injury after taking a charge. He is now on the road to recovery after surgery to repair the ligament.

Not many people knew this, but back on Nov. 18 @TDziagwa took a charge and tore a ligament in his shooting wrist.

He played through pain for the remaining 29 games, and after a successful surgery, is on the road to recovery. #c2e

— Cowboy Basketball (@OSUMBB) May 16, 2019
ICYMI: Oklahoma State won the Louisville Regional:

Yesterday was a big day for Oklahoma State Men’s Golf as they’re coming home from Kentucky with some hardware. They took first place in the Louisville Regional. Here’s what coach Bratton had to say about the victory.

“Today was a big day,” Oklahoma State coach Alan Bratton said. “Nice to finish with a strong round coming from behind. I like the momentum heading into Nationals.” {}
Jordan Brailford gets some reps with the Redskins:

Take a look at Jordan Brailford as he goes through his first NFL practices. Check out the spin move.

7th rounder Jordan Brailford getting a rep. #Redskins

— Jamual (@_AyyMual) May 11, 2019

Get ready for the feels about Allie P. after watching this video:

Allie P. Reynolds (might) host it’s last three games this weekend and Oklahoma State Baseball released this touching video on the memories the stadium holds.

Around the Big 12:

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What JuCo LB Juwan Mitchell means for the Longhorns

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Sitting at work on a Thursday like...

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