CRFF - Cowboy Basketball to play Memphis in first game of Advocare Invitational

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Feb 17, 2018

The bracket is out.

The Cowboys officially have their first matchup for the Advocare Invitational.

The @AdvoCareInv bracket is out and it features a 1st round showdown between the Cowboys and @Memphis_MBB on Thanksgiving Day. #c2e #okstate


— Cowboy Basketball (@OSUMBB) July 11, 2018

The Cowboys will take on Memphis on Thanksgiving day (Nov.22) . The Cowboys last faced the Tigers in the Advocare Invitational in the finals in 2013. The Tigers won that game 73-68. Oklahoma State is 5-3 against Memphis overall after winning four of the last five games. The game will be at either 2:30 or 3 p.m. on ESPN or ESPN2.

Memphis went 21-13 (10-8 ACC) last season making it to the ACC tournament semi-finals where they lost to No.8 Cinnicinatti 70-60.

The winner of this game will get the winner of defending National Champion Villanova or Canisius the next day. Getting a chance to play the defending champs would be huge for a young Cowboy team should they win this first game.

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