CRFF - Basketball Recruiting: Oklahoma State lands commitment from JUCO Center Bernard Kouma

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
247 Sports
The Cowboys add some much needed size inside

Oklahoma State and Mike Boynton have wrapped up their 2020 recruiting class with a commitment from three-star JUCO big man Bernard Kouma, who posted the announcement to his Instagram late Monday night.

Kouma, originally from Chad, Africa, committed to Illinois out of high school but was unable to meet the requirements needed for the fall of 2019. He played his high school ball at Our Saviour Lutheran located in Brooklyn, New York, a city Mike Boynton is very familiar with.

Kouma spent the last season playing at South Plains Community College in Levelland, Texas. Corey Evans of Rivals describes him as physical but raw.

“Respected most for his rim-running abilities, physicality around the basket and presence on the glass, Kouma is not entirely refined but he does compete,” said Evans. “The loss of Anei leaves a few minutes left for Kouma to contribute in the energy-giving department. He appeared in 29 games this past winter for SPC where he made over 57-percent of his field goal tries.”

At 6’ 10”, Kouma immediately becomes the tallest player on the roster, giving Oklahoma State some much needed height. OSU was in need of a center to add to the roster with the decision by Yor Anei to transfer.

Kouma has three years of eligibility remaining and is expected to join the team for the upcoming season.

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