Crazy Idea

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El Gato Bandito

that log had a child
Jan 5, 2009
Just wanted to word vomit on something I would love to see added.

Up on the top right of the banner, there isn't anything up there but the search bar, which is pretty small. I was wondering, what are the chances we could get something up there listing all upcoming games or events from the various teams in OSU athletics?
upload_2016-12-8_17-2-50.png has something similar in vertical format with links to audio and such. Links would be fine, but even without links it would just be nice to have a quick and easy location on the homepage reminding me when games are. As I get older and I am getting worse on keeping up with days and times for games.
Just some wishlist stuff. I know its not as easy as slapping stuff up there every time someone makes a request, but I thought it wouldn't hurt.

Oct 30, 2007
This site used to have something similar to that a few years ago. I really appreciated it during basketball season because some of the mid-week games would slip up on me. I'm sure it was a lot of work to keep updated though. That's probably why the feature got removed.