Cowboys vs Jayhawks MBB

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Feb 27, 2018
Since you all haven't started a OSU-KU game thread yet, I'll just post Mark Cooper's preview here. Excerpt...

Kendall Smith shook a frustrated fist through the air, knowing his fourth foul would take him out of his role as Oklahoma State’s most reliable closer.
Mike Boynton paced the Oklahoma State sideline, clapping his hands furiously.
Brandon Averette stood up, bowed his head and jogged onto the court with the weight of a season on his shoulders.

Averette’s numbers -- six points, one assist, three turnovers -- mean that his performance on Wednesday’s 71-60 victory over Oklahoma at the Sprint Center might soon be forgotten. Inside the OSU locker room, cameras bounced from player to player -- Jeffrey Carroll to Cameron McGriff to Mitchell Solomon -- but Averette received little attention.
But without the sophomore, Oklahoma State might have went home Wednesday night knowing its fate was likely the NIT.
Spoiler: Mark once again picks OSU to win

EDIT: The moderate made the thread not me ;) but as long as this is the lead post...

Oklahoma State vs. Kansas
1:30 p.m. Thursday
ESPN2, KFAQ am1170

Due to another game already ongoing, it is possible the start time will be closer to 2 p.m. today.

Enjoy the game, and be sure to follow @mark_cooperjr on twitter for live updates from Kansas City!
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Oct 16, 2003
Dave and John with some interesting stats. Our starters only played about 25 minutes or less last night. And we are far deeper than KU. Also mentally if we can come out and jump on KU, what will KU be thinking mentally after already losing to us twice.


Apr 26, 2007
Dallas, TX
Damn. I knew this game was going to go into OT. I have a meeting at 3:00pm MT that is going to force me to miss the end of our game now.
Man, that sucks.

With that being said, I really hope this goes 7 OTs like that Syracuse UCONN game about 10 years ago. If we win today, we'll have the winner, and I wouldn't mind a fatigued team for the semifinals!