Cowboys vs. Beavers Score prediction thread

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Fat Guy

Aug 23, 2019
Oklahoma State 49 Oregon State 28

Score will make the game look closer than it will be. Beavers will get a touchdown or two early, then the Cowboys will blow it open. Beavers' running backs are pretty good, but their D won't stop the Cowboys. They will tack on a couple of TD's late.
Feb 27, 2018
Here's links to our pregame coverage so far this week...

Guerin Emig on the QB question...

If Gundy, who knows a thing or two about offensive football, professes faith in Sean Gleeson, perhaps we all should. Perhaps we should refer back to the fact that Gleeson played more than one quarterback at Princeton, and that he didn’t do it to be, in his word, “gimmicky.”

“It wasn’t something where we were trying to fool people,” he said last month. “It was because we had quarterbacks who were talented and worked their tail off and deserved an opportunity to get on the field, just as if we were playing two tight ends at the same time.”
From Frank Bonner II...

The Oklahoma State football players had a chance to briefly take their minds off football and have some fun.

A Temptations routine, a magic show and a Barack Obama impression were all apart of a Cowboys talent show a couple of weeks ago.

Running back LD Brown said defensive tackle Israel Antwine is usually a quiet person. The talent show broke him out of his shell. He got several teammates and coaches laughing during his Obama impersonation that won him the competition with a perfect 30 out of 30 score from the three judges.
Bill Haisten on Grayson Boomer...

During a recent function at a Collinsville elementary school over which she presides as the principal, Ashley Boomer took a break to check her phone.

She did have a fresh message, and it knocked the breath out of her.

“Mom, I think I’ve torn my ACL.”

The message originated from the phone of Grayson Boomer, a former Collinsville High School star who now is a first-year freshman tight end at Oklahoma State.
More from Guerin Emig...

Mike Gundy was cruising through his press conference last Friday in the Boone Pickens Stadium press box when the lights dimmed suddenly.

The Oklahoma State coach skipped half a beat and cracked: “The new baseball stadium is sucking money. We can’t even pay the damn light bill.”

More seriously, Gundy proceeded to evaluate several of his players Friday. One was Tyler Lacy, a talented defensive end listed as a starter currently, but who Gundy said spent much of his redshirt season last year “asleep.”

“He had a wake-up call,” Gundy commented. “He’s doing much better now.”
Nov 12, 2007
Tulsa, Okla.
I think we're going to run the ball A LOT this game, which will limit possessions for both teams and somewhat hold the score down a bit.

I'll say good OSU 34, bad OSU 13.


Territorial Marshal
Oct 16, 2003
I think we're going to run the ball A LOT this game, which will limit possessions for both teams and somewhat hold the score down a bit.

I'll say good OSU 34, bad OSU 13.
Respectfully disagree. Need to get game tape on the QB's. We will run but we will play fast. Possibly faster than we have been playing. And we will throw a lot.
Feb 27, 2018
From Frank Bonner II...

The Cowboys have played 59 consecutive games without returning a kickoff for a TD. They have won 66% of those games, which shows that winning kickoffs isn’t a necessity for winning football games.

However, kickoff returns are a nice way to get easy points on the board while firing up the fans and the team. Running backs Chuba Hubbard and LD Brown are hopeful they can provide that fire at some point this season.

Hubbard and Brown will be fielding kickoffs this year, starting at Oregon State on Friday. Kickoff is set for 9:30 p.m.

“We worked on that,” Brown said. “We begged coach (Mike) Gundy for that, so we’ll both be back there this year. Y’all can look out for that, too. The first game we’re both back there.”