Cowboys In the NFL

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Feb 27, 2018
Excerpts from Bill Haisten's latest column on Dez Bryant...

To anyone who watched Bryant in games or the practice field at OSU, it’s unimaginable that before his 30th birthday his perceived viability has eroded to this extent. Even during the most routine of practice sessions, he would execute an unbelievable catch — or an unbelievable pass.

A lefty, Bryant actually has a phenomenal arm. At the end of practices, the OSU QBs occasionally would compete in target-practice passing competitions. Bryant would join them and sometimes beat them.


Maybe in a different system, with a different quarterback, Bryant at 29 can be reestablished as a force. Until recently, he might have believed that he was destined to spend his entire career in Dallas’ No. 88 jersey — and perhaps to wind up as a presence on the Cowboys’ Ring of Honor.

Getting released and taking a substantial pay cut are gut-punches for a proud athlete.

It’s a given that Bryant has the motivation to prove that the Dallas Cowboys were wrong to cut him, but can his legs and hands provide the desired response?