Cowboy Basketball: vs UMKC

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Jul 25, 2018
Boulder, CO
When I was a sophomore, I came off the bench. A senior captain started in my position. Over the course of the year, I earned more and more minutes. By the end of the year, I was playing the majority of the minutes and was in the game at the end. I never started that year. So your coach felt like you playing gave you the best chance to win at the end of the game? You don't feel like you starting would have made a bit of difference?

You can say that starting is completely fluid, and a game-to-game process, but not every coach feels that way. Tone, stability, and continuity are all also factors, among others.

So, out of curiosity since you're really dug in on this, what would it take to justify not starting an upperclassman over a lowerclassman that you consider the guy you want in the game at the end? I ask that because you seem to be arguing that it's strictly a seniority thing, then argue that it doesn't matter that much. Which is it?
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