Coach Eddie Sutton passes away at 84

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Sep 9, 2005
Mustang, Ok
We need the Eddie Sutton documentary NOW!
Please someone make it happen!
They said “editing” once the HOF announced him in. We probably won’t see it until after August’s ceremony.

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They’ve moved the ceremony to next April. I’d sure like to see it before that!

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Aug 6, 2007
Sand Springs, OK
The Cowboy kneels again...
“Always have faith in God, yourself, and the Cowboys...”
We lost our Coach. We lost the man that held our hands as the Cowboys walked trough our darkest days. We lost a true legend. We lost our friend. We lost “The Scowl”. We lost Eddie Sutton. He was met at Heaven’s gate by Patsy, Brooks Thompson, Mr. Iba, his longtime friend Whisperin’ Richard, and 10 Cowboys, one of which was a dear family friend, Kendall Durfey.
It seems like just days ago that we celebrated the news that Coach Sutton was FINALLY inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, now we are celebrating his life and legacy.
After we lost our 10 brothers in 2001, we saw Eddie hold us all in his arms. Eddie took us by the hand, and guided us through the grieving process. That strength and leadership turned me from just an OSU fan into being an Eddie Sutton fan.
‪After his car accident, I wrote him a letter. A few years after that, I finally met him. Standing on Eddie Sutton Court inside Gallagher-Iba Arena, I met one of my heroes. I introduced myself, and he said, “You wrote me a letter...” Astonished, I said “Yes Coach, I did!” We talked for 20-30 minutes after that before he had to go on his way. Anytime our paths crossed after that, he called me by name.
Coach Sutton lived long enough to find out he is a member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, but not long enough to see his enshrinement. The truth is, no one that knew him or called him Coach needed approval from the Naismith HOF, Eddie was always OUR Hall of Famer.
Proud and immortal, bright shines your name. Eddie Sutton, we herald your fame. Ever you’ll find us, loyal and true, to you, our Coach.
Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!
Thank you, Coach Sutton.
In books of fame, we’ll write your name...