Classic Sooner story

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Territorial Marshal
Oct 16, 2003
I’m in the drive through at the Wendy’s next to St John hospital in Tulsa. Just a bit in front of me to my right is a big pickup. It’s decked out. Got the obligatory 2-3 foot long upside down Horns on the tail gate and a big uo sticker on the back window.

So genius boy decides that instead of backing up an turning out the the lot like everyone else, he’s going to use his big truck to drive up on the sidewalk and onto the street to turn.

It went swimmingly for about 2 feet when there was a Big Bang. So bandwagon boy gets out of course with his uo hat on and walks around to the passenger side. He had not seen the fire hydrant which is guarded by two large cylinders of concrete. He starts taking the Lords name in vain as he sees his passenger door is almost fully collapsed inward. He get back in the truck. Back up to his original parking place. Gets out to inspect the damage. A few more family inappropriate words later and he returns to the truck and pulls out the normal way.

‘‘Twas all I could not not to laugh hysterically at typical gooner