Chuba and 2020 NFL Draft

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Feb 15, 2017
So many sites had Chuba as the #4 or #5 best RB if he had gone to the 2020 Draft (thank you Baby Jesus that he stayed).
Here's a look at how things shook out:

Pre-draft rank:
Swift (GA); ; Dobbins (tOSU); Edwards-Heiare (LSU);Taylor (Wis) ; Akers (FSU); Dillon (BC)

Actual draft:
Edwards-Heiare (LSU); Swift (GA); ; Taylor (Wis) ;Akers (FSU); Dobbins (tOSU); Dillon (BC)

E-H went in the 1st round and the rest in the 2nd round. Overall, a good draft for the RB position as most projected 0 RBs in the 1st round and only 4 RB in the 2nd round.

So this rise of E-H and drop of Dobbins shows alot of variability in the top 6, but they did get the top 6 correct even though they undervalued the position pre-draft.