Charles Crawford

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Jul 18, 2020
Such a beautiful tribute to my big brother!!! I am proud to introduce my self as Charles' baby sister, Nicole. Thank you all for remembering Charles and sharing his story. Rest well Douglas!!! We miss you!!!

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"My lil sister could have run through the holes"

Charles quoted after his big performance against Arizona State in dishing the praises and the credits to his OLs.

I was impressed hearing from a person whom I witnessed being thrown out off the Annex basketball court for arrogantly keep dunking when warned multiple times. He was always competitive and stubborn sometimes as I noticed....but humble and helpful as I noticed while he was working at IGA Grocery Store (I guess now is the Annex Library?) next to the First Bank or something? that now is the oSu purchasing office.
Lol... Charles always said I was built like a Lineman (due to my wide shoulders)... Charles was a hot mess but you could not help but love him. I really miss my big brother. You all have no idea what it means to me to read your comments. Ty all again!!!

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