Can Oklahoma State's young corners make the second-year leap?

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Feb 27, 2018
Here's the third part in Mark Cooper's series of offseason burning questions leading up to Big 12 media days.

Previous entries have discussions ongoing at these links:
- How will the tight end fit into Oklahoma State's offense?
- Can continuity be the answer on OSU's special teams?

Excerpt from part three...

A.J. Green and redshirt freshman Rodarius Williams took their lumps last season as first-year starters in the Big 12.

But they also flashed the potential that gave Mike Gundy the confidence to believe in them from the first game of the season.

Green led the Cowboys with four interceptions, the most by any Oklahoma State player since Justin Gilbert had seven in 2013.

Now, Oklahoma State needs Green and Williams to be consistent in 2018 as the most experienced players in the secondary.
Jun 11, 2016
Oklahoma City
Big year for Rodarius. Marquis Brown absolutely wrecked him in Bedlam last year. Really pulling for both of them this year. What I wouldn't give for Justin Gilbert to have been on that field last year.
Sep 20, 2017
If they do not vastly improve, the defense is toast.
They weren’t good, but showed flashes of ability. With the experience and hopefully better coaching, I am expecting a huge jump in performance. Confidence is huge and I think they were a little wet behind the ears last year.

Having said as much, we need a new DB coaches.