Boise State likely a top 25 matchup?

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Feb 27, 2018
From Guerin Emig...

Boise State has prevailed over Oregon, Georgia, Washington and Virginia Tech since stupefying OU. The Broncos have prevailed over several other Power 5 programs and in two more Fiesta Bowls.

They might have arrived by the power of deception that night a dozen years ago, but there is nothing deceptive about their growth in stature since. There is nothing deceptive about their No. 17 ranking this week or the worthy challenge they present No. 24 OSU.

“When you take everything together, this team may be as sound as any we play this year,” Mike Gundy said Monday.

The Cowboys’ coach raved about Boise’s schemes, continuity and culture. He was asked about the Broncos’ historic upset of OU, but he just didn’t give the topic as much attention.

Gundy has more important things to ponder, sure, but it also felt like a deferential gesture. As if those in college football’s inner circle appreciate the strength of a program more than its sparkle.
Sep 16, 2004
Georgia was #13 when we played them in 2009. Boise is the first ranked non-conference opponent to play in BPS since then.

We also hosted #23 UCLA in 2002.
I’m sure they’ll issue a retraction and apologize. They never say disparaging and inaccurate things about OSU. That would be garbage.
Sep 20, 2009
Kansas City
Boise State is a legitimate team, no doubt. They have an outstanding QB, easily a top-3 QB. Well, to sum it up, Boise State's offense will score and will score a ton of points. Our defense is nowhere near good enough to stop the NFL-talent on Boise State's offensive team. And its defense is head and shoulders above the previous two defenses we've faced thus far.

IMO, this game will come down to how well TC plays. More importantly, will OSU's o-line be tossed around like a ragdoll, even moreso than it has against two extremely bad defenses? I think it will. Our o-line was dominated by SA's d-line. We still won obviously. Still, Boise State's d-line is filled with all-american talent when compared to the only two defenses we've played. Boise State has talent to easily penetrate our weak o-line. TC will face pressure like never before. He's going to be scrambling. This is a recipe for disaster.

I think Boise State has the advantage. I'm not gonna say they'll win..I think their defense will win tho. Because our defense sure will not win it.
Easily a top3 QB? LOL wut? Maybe in G5 conferences

Also how do you have any idea if our defense is good enough to stop their offense. sigh


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Jun 24, 2005
Wait, WTH is up with this little battling tops move?

This makes me want to target all 4 of them. Other than maybe disorienting one of the players doing the spin, I'm not sure what purpose it serves.


Nov 4, 2016
I was looking on the Boise State message board and saw some saying that their Troy win was against the best team either of us have played this season. I went back looking at last year's schedules. One of South Alabama's four wins last season came against that Troy team. I think Boise is a solid team and I'm not trying to take anything away from what they've done as a football program, but I don't think this current team is on the same level as the mid 2000s Boise teams that no power 5 team wanted on the schedule. That said it will be a tough game with an inexperienced qb and a shaky ol, both will have to step up their games. I think we can win this game by 10+ if we are firing on all cylinders. I am looking forward to being in Stillwater for this one and hope we have a rocking, loud, packed house! Go Pokes!