Blake Jarwin

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Feb 27, 2018
From Frank Bonner II...

Former Oklahoma State walk-on Blake Jarwin plans on donating part of his signing bonus from his contract extension with the Dallas Cowboys as a way to help OSU workers who were affected by the canceling of spring sports, according to reports.

It was reported on Monday that Jarwin signed a three-year extension worth $24.25 million and $9.25 million guaranteed. Jarwin caught 31 passes for 365 yards and three touchdowns for Dallas last season. He caught 27 passes for 307 yards and three touchdowns in 2018.
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AT Dad

Sep 22, 2013
I wish Jason Witten the best of luck, I hope he stays healthy.

I think that what Blake is doing is first rate, what a classy guy. I believe that this will finally open up Jarwin's full potential. They don't throw it his way very often and all he does is catch it all the time. I'm not sure what his catch % is but I think it is high. A great gem-in-the-rough and late bloomer.