Bill Haisten: Pay-cut uncertainty results in stress, damaged morale at Oklahoma State

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Feb 27, 2018
From Bill Haisten...

There are indications the lingering uncertainty has resulted in tension and damaged morale throughout the OSU athletic department.

Sources say athletic director Mike Holder — before anyone could comprehend a coronavirus crisis was imminent — moved several million dollars from an emergency-fund account and applied it to the final stages of the construction of OSU’s $60 million baseball facility.

That transfer of funds did not require the approval of the Board of Regents, and the exact amount of reallocated money isn’t yet known. If it were available now, it could be used to soften the pandemic’s impact on the OSU athletic department.

Sources also report that during a virtual meeting of all staff members four months ago, Holder suggested there could be a universal salary reduction of 40%.

Not everyone in a university athletic department has a seven- or a six-figure salary. Most of these people are working-class employees for whom a 40% cut would be overwhelming.

For anyone at any level of income, 40% would be substantial.

It is believed now there won’t be 40% reductions, but the long wait on clarity results in frayed nerves.