Big 12 2018 vs 2017

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Oct 27, 2011
Well they are batting one for 27 under Beatty and it was the best defense they had in the four years including this one. I have my doubts as that O is far and away the weakest in the league.

Buuuut... Don’t let this discussion distract us from the fact that Texas lost to Kansas in football.
KU would be 2-0 if they had Pooka jr for the Nicholls game, having said that a p5 should be able to be a man down and win that game but depth is their issue.
side note: this means there is a Pooka sr,
At this point I'm not sure that ku's O is worse than ksu's O and I think ku's defense is better, that's as of now, the magician of Manhattan will probably rectify both of these in time.
Disagree. KU has one more home run hitter but Beatty would crawl on glass to get KSU’s OL. Defensively KSU is much better in the red zone and similar on yards.


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Apr 2, 2008
OU- worse on offense without Anderson. They still have weapons but they don’t have a baker mayfield . They are obviously better than most big 12 teams. Defense is probably about the same. I would rank them as #1 still.

West Virginia- good on offense and probably one of the best in the big 12. There defense? Who knows. Rank #2 right now.

TCU- average on offense and looks like a decent defense. Good team but beatable rank #3.

OSU- very good offensively with plenty of weapons. Wait and see on defense. Rank #4 for the time being.

Texas tech- good on offense and looked better with a new QB. Defense is still terrible. Rank #5.

Baylor- playing better and looks better than prior year. Rank #6

Iowa state- look terrible offensively. Stop their running back and they do nothing. Losing Lazard really hurts them. Rank #7

Kansas State- they have looked very bad against both good and weak competition. Rank #8

Texas’- they are back to sucking butt. Almost lost to Tulsa. Texas might lose every conference game except Kansas and that might be a gigantic pillow fight. Rank #9

Kansas- they won a game. So maybe there is hope for a couple more. doubtful but maybe. Rank #10