Best Buy in violation of 4th Amendment ?

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Territorial Marshal
Aug 11, 2011
I agree that if you are stupid, or perverted, there's probably a correlation, enough to have that on your system and you are having it repaired, you are begging to be caught but but being a pervert nor being stupid exempts you from protection under the law/Constitution.
You wouldn't believe some of the stuff I have seen on peoples computers when they bring them in for data recovery. Worst one had so much gay porn on it simply told the guy I couldn't recover his grandma's pics. Truth was I couldn't stomach sorting the shit.

Best one was a cute young lady's home made porn collection.
I agree, some interesting and weird stuff has come across my desk as well. Including child. I turned a guy in who brought in a virus ridden computer. Hunting for remnants of the virus in 'shared' folders as many did back then, I saw weird file names with what turned out to be some code of his including ages but also had thumbnails showing. Sick. Shut it down and called the cops. Almost had to testify but the guy literally plead guilty the day it went to trial.

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