Besides OSU, who's your Second team you root for?

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Blamin' My Roots, Showin' Up In Boots
A/V Subscriber
Jul 10, 2010
Ada, Ok
I'm started liking TCU before the thought was conceived that they MIGHT get invited to the Big XII. Huge fan of Patterson. I want to see TCU win every single game, every season, except for when they play the Cowboys.
Aug 15, 2012
I may be the only one here who says this (and I was even born and raised in Stillwater, so I have been bleeding orange since birth...)

OU is my second. I don't cheer for them out loud... And I got treated horribly there each year when I was in the OSU band, but they are still an Oklahoma team. Also, as long as they are winning it makes our bedlam victory that much sweeter!
Ok... So it felt really good to see Texas beat OU... Probably because at work I was being berated by OU fans about how OSU was going to lose and Texas was going to be a walk in the park for them.