Baylor LB out

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Apr 18, 2009
Thought the same thing. I read it three times to make sure it didn’t say QB.
watched that game again last/tonight. TT better than I thought and Rappers pretty darn good. TT IMO got jobbed on the snap deal & that Rapper coach is ALWAYS in whatever ref is near him - ears, constantly - and no flag. Gundy does the PJ no talk to refs mostly, that is stupid.
be a hard game to come out with a victory, our group will be thee, tailgate and attend. Go Pokes


Federal Marshal
Feb 7, 2007
Tulsa, OK
If we actually threw short passes over the middle, then this would be huge, but we don't. It will be good for Chuba though if some green LB fills the wrong gap.

Hope the kid makes a full recovery. I may not like Baylor, but can't wish ill of the kids.