Baylor Baseball Series

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Aug 1, 2008
Their starter averages less than 4 innings per start. Today he is throwing a no hitter through 4.

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That's what happens when the team swings for the fences. A prominent coach once said, HR swings might win 2 out of every ten games. We do not have players that can hit line drive base hits.
Aug 9, 2011
Perry, OK
That was after starting 3-9. They had a 13 game winning streak until we snapped it yesterday. Look at the conference stats. They are at the top of hitting and pitching. Baylor is a very good ballclub.
Dude I follow the conference very closely so I know exactly what kind of team they are. And they did not impress me we made a lot of errors this weekend and we’re not focused. They are not better than us.


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Oct 16, 2003
Well, I'm glad to see the OSU baseball "fans" have returned to tell us how terrible we are. I'll break down the Tech series tomorrow, but this weekend was about OSU not playing good defense and seeing a team with good pitching and hot bats. That's baseball, it happens. I was a little worried coming into the weekend that this could happen. In Big12 play, the key is to win series at home and not get swept on the road. We knew going into the last 2 weeks of conference play, if we did that, we would be champions. That's still the situation despite this weekend.

Nuestifter makes the catch in the fourth on Friday instead of falling down, and Joe gets out of that inning 1-2-3, instead of a 4 spot. Then Friday becomes a completely different ballgame. Heasley had a pretty good start on Sunday but didn't get any run support or help behind him, lots of missed outs. We were making contact, their starter wasn't a strikeout guy, but he got us to hit it right at someone. Credit Baylor, they took advantage of it.

The only concern I had in the ballpark on Sunday was how emotionless the team was. Joe and Teel weren't firing up everyone up, swinging towels, etc. Reza was actually the vocal leader in the dugout. Does that worry me? No, because the Cowboys come home for Tech. This team feeds off energy and if we have a good crowd, they'll be fine. There have been times like Bedlam where the crowd has willed them into good innings. If you are worried about things, that's what needs to happen. Get to Allie P and cheer them into success. If for no other reason than to give Jensen the ovation he deserves. He got a decent one in Waco, but we need one that registers as an earthquake of crowd noise.

We are 1 win away from Josh's second big12 title. (Yes I know its 2 games to clinch the 1 seed). Just gotta refocus and take care of business. No more distractions of school. The boys have 3 days to sit around and think about Tech coming to town and whether this team wants to be a championship team or not.

I know I'll be there, and you should too. Buy your tickets today and let's sell out Allie P again.
Oct 7, 2015
St. Elmo, CO
Well, I had to go to the Waco Tribune-Herald and the Tulsa World to get any information on the game and series. The "state's newspaper" only seems to cover their idea of the "state".
Sucks that we could have wrapped up a Big 12 title in Waco. Now we have to dig deep.
But, the mentality of winning each game needs to set in quickly from here on out.
Go Pokes!!