Battlefront & Battlefront II

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Darth Ryno

Territorial Marshal
Jul 26, 2004
Tishomingo, OK
Anyone play these games? I finally bought the PS4 when I saw a bundle for the PS4 1T and Battleftont II for only $249 at a Broken Arrow Wal-Mart a month ago.

Really enjoyed the campaign on the game, which was strange at the same time. Before The Last Jedi came out, this game was released and w/o spoilers, seemed like EA wanted to throw a huge wrench in the whole new Star Wars trilogy. Not until the new DLC came out, that it squashed the idea. But still really enjoyed it.

I was at a Game Exchange a couple of weeks ago and picked up Battlefront (I) for $4.99 and have become hooked on this game! After I get off work and finish my notes, I'll find myself playing it for a couple of hours a night. Huge multiplayer battles with breathtaking scenes. Anyone else play them?