Backpack Pesticide/herbicide Sprayers

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Territorial Marshal
Jan 11, 2005
Sand Springs, OK
Looking for a recommendation for a reasonably priced backpack sprayer. I have some acerage and need to spray fencelines and my 1 gallon pump is not working anymore. Have been looking at 4-5 gallon backpack sprayers on ebay. Wanted to see if anyone recommends one particular kind?
Feb 6, 2007
Ardmore, Ok.
Mine is a Solo. Couldn't be happier. Have had it for ~6 years or so. Only knock is the rubber gasket on the lid will get lost. I glued mine in.

Don't know what you consider "reasonably priced", but I cannot remember what I gave for mine anyway. I'm sure there are cheaper versions, but mine has a pressure gauge and boom, that I can swap out for the wand. I use it for plot work and demonstrations. I want to say that I ordered it from Gempler's?