Athletic financial cuts

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This has nothing to do with Holder draining the emergency fund to pay for the Baseball Stadium?? Pat Jones was going off earlier this week about how Holder drained the fund in the spring. Holder didn’t even need approval to pull the money from the fund talked like it was around $32mil. Seems like while times are hard if the fund wasn’t drained these cuts would not have to be so severe if true.

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Oct 13, 2004
Not a chance you are wrong, Rack. You never have been before.
We had a thread on this board in 2012 that discussed this very thing. I'm pretty sure he donates his entire salary back to the school every year...he has done that in the past and back then he was the lowest paid AD in the Big 12.

Haha on being wrong...When you talk as much as I do you are going to be wrong a lot as's all good.


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Aug 11, 2011
The nine with no pay cuts could also be minimum wage employees that they couldn't cut. Or they may have had a lower level threshhold where they weren't cutting anyone making less than a certain amount.
Here’s your answer

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Ain't my answer, I'm not making a login to that site.

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Feb 18, 2009
Posted in ticket thread as well but this might be more appropriate. Could put a dent in the shortfall with more people in the stands. Norman has a lot more people yesterday than we are allowing. No reason to give that money up, plenty of space to put 35k in there.

Not interested in Covid responses. We’re playing, no reason to short change ourselves any further if opponents aren’t going to.