Anyone have Cox HomeLife?

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Aug 31, 2007
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I just canceled my Vivint sub (stupidly over priced) as I was paying $80 per month for what Cox is offering for $45 or Cox offers a package that gives me roughly 85% of what Vivint did for $20 per month.

We also just bundled our internet and TV through U-Verse as it was much cheaper for the U-Verse TV/Internet combo than the Direct TV Cox internet we did have.

So anybody have Cox Homelife and non Cox internet and have any experiences to share with it?

Anyone know if Cox offers a TV/Internet/Homelife bundle? I can't seem to find one online. I might switch to that in a year once my U-Verse promo time is over because Contour looks sweet
Mar 11, 2006
I have it, but I don’t really use the security portion, I use it for home automation (i.e. thermostat, lock all doors after 11pm, turn on outdoor light at dusk and off at dawn, etc.).

Yes, there is a bundle with TV/Internet/Homelife. And as quickly as they have built gigabit service you might be able to get 1Gig at your house.