Another Game Against Backup QB

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Sep 16, 2004
The guys at Athlon Sports seem to disagree. I'm thinking more like 49 - 17.

Prediction: Oklahoma State 39, Texas Tech 30
Not a great write up. I question whether he’s seen either team play. It’s a regurgitation of a lot of stats. Very little insight and no real justification for the score prediction. If you read it, it sounds like we should roll over TTech, but he only picks us by 9.

I think we win by closer to 17 based on Tech’s struggles and our ability to score quickly. I think Tech’s offense will have similar issues as KState had against us. And I don’t see them being able to methodically move down the field like UT did. They don’t have an Ellinger.
Dec 6, 2011
I think you put any team in a new offense and take away QB1 & QB2 and they're going to struggle. I think even OU takes a major step back if Hurts and Mordecai were to go down. UT takes a big step back if their down to their 3rd string QB.
Sure, there's always a reason why a team sucks any given year. As far as OU goes, I think the 3rd stringer is better than the backup. I understand the general concept that starters are usually the better players, but it's just more reason why you try to recruit well.
Well, regardless of scoreboard or streaks...OU always sucks.


BRB -- Taking an okie leak
Sep 14, 2010
But who else else you wanna get? Huh? WHO ELSE YOU GONNA GET???

Gundy has done so much for our program and he's the best we're ever gonna do. We cain't get no one no better.


Territorial Marshal
Aug 11, 2011
Seems like Tech game week on this board used to always have a bunch of Tech fans stop by and post. I guess they are too depressed and beat down this year.
They'll come by now..

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