An Open Letter to Megan Rapinoe, from America

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CPTNQUIRK called me a greenhorn
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Jun 24, 2005
She honestly doesn't ever have to kick another ball.
The job of "Social Media Influencer" and "Left-wing Activist" pays far better than "Worlds best woman soccer player".
Colin K is trying to see if career race card thrower pays better than back up QB in the NFL.


Federal Marshal
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Oct 22, 2009
Back home in God's (Green) Country
not sure what your pun was, but she is married to a MALE soccer player.
Meh, more of a joke than a pun, based on her physique in the photo above. You don't see the muscles while she's playing, and as with many women I think she looks far better with less makeup. I think she's very attractive; I never knew (or cared) her sexual preference.