American Academy of Pediatrics Says No More Spanking or Harsh Verbal Discipline

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Have some class
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Jun 29, 2004
Fairmont, MN
I don't spank my kids any more but I sure as hell yell at them. When they deserve it.

I don't spank. I can't rationalize "its ok for me to hit you because I'm an authority figure in your life."
The article isn't against yelling as much as it is being demeaning when doing so. For example, when I was flying home over Christmas I had both kids in an airport bathroom. 6 YO thinks its funny to run away into a crows when I'm washing 2 YO's hands. Everyone in the terminal heard me when I caught up with him. Just saying don't do that isn't going to convey the potential danger he put himself in. But I wasn't calling him names or being demeaning. Kids need to understand boundaries but you don't crush their self confidence establishing them.