Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fails miserably at dissociating her socialism from Venezuela's

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May 22, 2005
Behind Enemy Lines
New York 'it girl' and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has always carried one great big piece of political designer baggage with her: Socialism, with all its ghastly train of ruin, which she is trying to repackage as something fresh and new and fashionable. So all eyes were on her as she got a big condemnation of socialism right in her face from President Trump at his State of the Union speech the other night, with the president denouncing its horrors in Venezuela and declaring "America will never be a socialist country." Seventy-six percent of Americans approved of the speech.
MSNBC's Chris Matthews, hardly a hostile interviewer, asked her for a response and she came up with this whopper.
Here's the transcript from RealClearPolitics:
"What did you make...
"Confuse the public"?
What is there to be confused about?
Venezuela's a disastrous failure under 20 years of socialism, with starvation, zero medical care, industrial collapse, sovereign default, massive inflation, and millions of Venezuelans fleeing for their lives. It's not Cuba they're fleeing to, either, it's any place their feet will reach that isn't socialist.
And her dismissal of the matter as an 'ad hominem attack' is nonsense - Trump brought up no person, which is where the 'hominem' comes fro, he brought up the results of her own beloved socialism.
What gets me about this is that Ocasio-Cortez is trying to pass off her socialism as something different, the argument that 'ours will be a really good socialism,' which dates back to what radicals in the 1960s argued as they pushed for socialism in places like Cambodia, something that led skull heaps with 3 million dead.
Tom Wolfe, who first observed this, noted that lefties have been pushing a Utopian vision of 'our socialism will be a very good socialism' for years.
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