After the Disgraced Cohen, Limbaugh Still Stands Firmly Behind Trump

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Jul 25, 2018
Boulder, CO
Let me be clear (cough,cough) (cough,cough,) (pregnant pause)

Barry Obama did not enforce his red line on gas attacks, THE DONALD did. As for your claims it has continued since the last missile strike, I can't confirm or deny that it happened but I would think it would be front and center to embarrass THE DONALD.

Barry Obama has less than 2% GDP growth per quarter and flatly stated good luck when THE DONALD said he could do better. THE DONALD has and continues to do so.

Shadowing a boat is not an aggressive action with guys waving guns and speeding right at a boad, let's be clear. The Iranians were literally terrorizing our Navy with no consequence, taking prisoners at one time.

Your economic data is incorrect, the average growth during the Trump administration has been 3+% per quarter, until the Barry appointed Fed decided it couldn't stand prosperity and started jacking interest rates and has still stayed solidly close to 3%.

China's actions in the South China Sea have been severely curtailed and their economy is falling apart a little more each day.

China's growth was forecasted at over 8%, too, fwiw.