Accounting Degree Needed - but NOT typical Accounting position

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Aug 21, 2013
Alright so here is the scoop I work for this company and we are in desperate need of a few accountants... However this is not your typical accounting job. It you like boring, repetitive work this isn't the job for you.

Who we are: EB Archbald & Associates

What we do: Manage SSI (Energy Management)

What that means to you: We sell and support an all inclusive Accounting software system (think QuickBooks) for oil and gas companies.

Take a look at the website if you have any questions or would like to submit your resume please contact me!

And always GO POKES!

(Job unfortunately comes with some sooner fans)
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Aug 21, 2013
Okay I might have been a bit vague - this is NOT a sales job more like Tier 1 support to start. However you'll learn a lot fast.

Here is the posting they are using:

Who We Are
We are a software development company that's developed one of the most widely used accounting products in the oil & gas industry. We employ a wide array of analysts, developers, accountants, and managers who support hundreds of clients spread throughout the United States. Our clients run the gambit from small "ma & pops" to publicly traded E&P companies, and we're devoted to creating, building, educating, and consulting these companies in all facets of accounting.

What The Future Holds
Did you know the US is on track to produce more oil than Saudi Arabia by 2020? We see an opportunity and are looking for a few sharp candidates. Adapt or be brushed by the wayside. Since 1979 (yes, they had software then!!), our product has evolved several times. Every day presents new challenges, but with these challenges come rewards. Our newest challenge is to find young talent, and although we may be old, we have enough foresight to know that the future of this company depends on it. We need bright and enthusiastic minds to be mentored by our company to continue this success.

What We Are Looking For
We need a few engaging individuals who want to be exposed to the business rules, tools, and models of oil & gas accounting. We're looking for someone who is professional and who has a desire to befriend more than their calculator and spread sheet. Assisting clients to manage themselves thru our business relationship is a key responsibility; therefore, strong communication skills are imperative. We need enthusiastic, “go-getters” who love to face new challenges, work with people, and have a strong desire to learn the oil & gas industry.

What Are The Job Requirements/Expectations
Your first charge will be to fully understand the overall accounting requirements of oil & gas companies. You will start as a Client Assistant and begin with general accounting. Then you move into accounting application training of Chain of Title, Division Orders, Joint Interest Billing, Revenue Payables. For the real go-getters, you'll eventually become proficient in Land/Lease Records Management, Production, Gas Balancing, Rig Cost Analyses, Inventories, or Well Equipment. Basically, we build accounting software which helps companies account for all the above. We'll show you how to run it, so you can eventually help our clients run it, too.

We expect you to master individual accounting packages (such as Accounts Payable) in the first few weeks. After 18 months (oil & gas accounting is challenging stuff!), you should have a strong grasp of our entire basic oil and gas software catalog. From that point forward, you'll be known as an Account Manager.

Account Manager is top of the heap. . . a position that brings more responsibility (and more money!) Those who reach Account Manager are patient enough to educate the Accounts Payable clerk, knowledgeable enough to discuss software implementation with a controller or CFO, and confidant to discuss management reporting benefits with the owner or the CEO.

There is on-site training at clients' offices where you have to act and look very professional. Occasionally, you'll be required to travel to visit client out of town. However, we also train a lot of our clients via internet. You will also be assisting clients with questions and issues via our HelpDesk. Although there is phone support, this is not a cubicle job. We pride ourselves in outstanding client service and are looking for patient, friendly, positive employees.

Why You Should Consider Us
There aren't many entry level positions that will give you as much exposure to a career in accounting, tech, consulting, in the oil & gas energy industry. In a very short time, you'll be exposed to a number of accounting facets, hopefully finding one that will fulfill your long term career ambitions within our company.

A fun working atmosphere, good people, and upward mobility. Annual reviews and raises, dental insurance, health insurance, 401K, Aflac, medical savings plan, and paid time off.

What We Expect From You
Honesty, Integrity, Strong Work Ethic, Ambition, and Respect.