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Oct 16, 2003
It’s that time of year again!! We're inside a month until football season, so we want to take just a second before the orange-frenzy hits full-gear to remind the orange masses, and our guests, how glad we are that you're a part of the www.orangepower.com family. Without all (okay, "most") of you, this board would not be the best completely free home for everything OSU on the internet.

Prior to football season, we do want to refresh your memory on the orangepower.com guidelines for user conduct. Most of them are written in black-and-white in our user conduct agreement, though there are a few for which you'll have to rely on your common sense. If you have no common sense, please take note of a special board created just for you and your other sooner friends.

We want this to be a place where you can:

1. Have fun! We want your time here to be the next-best-thing to attending an Oklahoma State athletic event.
2. Discuss OSU Athletics with other OSU fans. Although it isn't expected that everyone on orangepower.com will pump orange sunshine, it should be expected that orangepower.com will be a pro-orange board. When it becomes obvious that you are anti-orange, it should be obvious why you don't feel "at home" here.
3. Give and receive respect. If you wouldn’t say it their face, then don’t say it as you hide behind your keyboard. Everyone is entitled to respect and his/her own opinion - even if their opinion is wrong. This goes for fellow posters as well as people who are being posted about. Remember: recruits, players, coaches, athletic department employees AND all of their families read message boards. Represent the orange family well.
4. Talk about relevant topics. We've got several different forums for several different topics. Please do us the favor of posting in the right forum. It helps keep information and topics accessible, and keeps forums from getting cluttered with information that doesn't belong in them.
5. Be an active part in helping moderation. One of the greatest things about orangepower.com is that everything you read is currently 100 percent free. That means the OSU Student Store pays the overhead so we can enjoy a free site. But it also means that administrators and moderators don't make a dime for their trouble. They hate being the police, and hate being made out to be the bad guy, because they don't make a dime. If you find something offensive or questionable, report it to the admin team by using the
button. You will then see a blank box to explain why are you reporting that post. After that, it shows up on the admin board as a reported post and we will review it. Please don't create a separate post to report a post because it means twice the work for your friendly moderator crew.

Please remember also that this is not a place for:

1. Posting Rumors. Although we have no doubt that your brother's girlfriend's sister's hairdresser's last client is the most reliable person in the world, we cannot allow his information to be posted. If you know a piece of gossip that is just too juicy to pass up, please send a private message to the admin team and they will be happy to verify it before you post it. Don't worry, you'll get all the credit if it pans out.
2. Threats, whether real or implied. We know you're mad, and we know you're bigger and badder than Jim Traber chasing Japanese baseball pitchers, but there is a zero-tolerance policy for threats. You won't be warned, you will simply be dismissed from the board and your computer address will be reported to your Internet Service Provider. (That's a promise, not a threat).
3. Starting a New Thread to Continue a Thread that was Closed. It's just bad form, and causes more work for the moderators. If it wasn't an allowable conversation the first time, it won't be when you pick it up where you left it off.
4. Registering Multiple names. It's really fun to have conversations with yourself, and really fun when yourself agrees with you. But it's lame to everyone else. Please don't do this. Choose a name and stick with it. If you can't choose, we'll choose for you. If you create extra names to circumvent a ban, those names will be banned. It wasn't that we had a problem with your name - it was that we had a problem with you.
5. Flame. Even our gay friends don't like flamers. Please don't be one. Please don't post a thread just to disrupt the board. And if you do decide to flame, don't cry when you get burned.

That's it. Again, thanks for making Orangepower.com the World's Most Powerful Orange Message Board.

Counting down the seconds until the sea of orange floods Seattle,

Your Admin Team