911 Memorials

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Oct 13, 2004
I must say that I just watched the POTUS speech and it was very good. Both Biden and Pence are in NYC and appeared to have nice words and a elbow bump. I think both parties agreed to stop their ad campaigns for the day.

Maybe there is hope for America after all. Please find someone to hug today. Remember where you were and how this event changed us and brought us together, unlike Covid which has torn us apart. Of course they are vastly different, but that's a debate for another day. Today we honor those who died on 911 and those who died after and served to keep us free from terror. We haven't' had a major terror attack (unless you consider the domestic riots terror) on US soil since, I believe, 2017.

What did you do that day? How did it change your life...

For me, I was working and stopped by the Cath lab in one of our buildings to watch the events on TV with patients in the lobby. It was surreal and didn't seem like reality. In the aftermath I took my family for our first ever trip to NYC for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and the time leading up to it. My parents though we were crazy because they thought it was dangerous place to visit. I felt NYC come together with other Americans who traveled there despite the drop in their tourist dollar to help them out of crisis. The unity was amazing, New Yorkers would stop on the street to thank us for coming, help us with directions and share a cup of coffee. The busy streets seemed to slow and the spirit of the place came alive in a people united. My hope is this same thing happens for NYC once Covid is over, but divisive politics are hurting those chances.

God Bless America today...May we be untied in our memorial to those we lost.