Football 2021 General Recruiting Thread

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Dec 21, 2008

anyone think we have a legitimate chance? I believe he’s only visited LSU Bama and us. He RTs a lot of our stuff and hasn’t tweeted much about the other two. Man I sure hope Dickey can close this one....
Feb 24, 2020
Seems like he’s trending towards Auburn, a school he hasn’t visited but his HS QB is committed there. This pretty much sums up OSU football, always the bridesmaid, often coming up short.
Dec 21, 2008
In my opinion we don’t have the recruiters to go against the big dogs. We settle and have a “if they don’t wanna come here let them go elsewhere” rather than fight. Similar product we put on the field. We’ve seen a decade plus of “if we can get over this hump we could be a serious top 10 program”. Then low and behold we drop the ball again and again to a team we are favored against.

Seriously though who on our staff besides Dunn has put 1/2/3rd round guys in the NFL repeatedly? Most elite kids want to go to elite SEC programs they compete for national championships. Our indoor is filled with Alamo, Cotton, Independence and Camping World Bowl banners vs Arizona, Missouri, Colorado & VaTech
Jan 14, 2006
Love how much better we're recruiting lately. Going head to head with premier programs while continuing to hire coaches that excel in developing talent.
Apr 12, 2020
A real shame that Jaeden is trending away from us.

I’m still pretty hopeful though, this weird period is going to cause a ton of decommits. If we win at the level this roster is capable of, I think we could be in a position to target some committed guys as the season goes along. Jaeden seems to really like us so that’s 1, the other I’d have my eye on is Quaydarius Davis, who’s already shown he’s prone to flipping, seemed to really like OSU, and is committed to one of the shakiest coaching positions in the country. Hoping to see some ruthlessness from Gundy and not give up on the pursuits.

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