2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread

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Sep 23, 2010
He might be a good option at the 3. Which is a position we’re kind of in need of right now.
I listened to the PFB podcast with Boynton. He mentioned the need for shooting, but he did believe Chris Harris and Keylan Boone will develop into good 3pt shooters as well.

The Williams kid and this kid seem like good perimeter options. We have to add one more perimeter shooter for sure.

Thor would be great as well so we have a 4man that can stretch the floor. Hiddie is someone who is supposed to be a good shooter. I just don't know if he will ever be able to catch up with the speed and physicality.
Oct 27, 2003
McKinney, TX
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I’m beginning to think we may never see Cade Cunningham in an OSU uniform

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Because of the virus or another reason?
Virus. Fears of another outbreak later this fall. Administrators are going to be weary of large gatherings anyway. There will be push back on restarting college and professional sports. Hope I’m just being paranoid

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Dec 21, 2008
A lot of grad transfers want the ball and a quick path to the NBA. Cade will command the ball along with Ice so it’s hard for a transfer to get the same feeling with us as other teams with major openings. Hence why there aren’t many super teams except some UK Duke and UNC teams occasionally.
Dec 7, 2006
If he does commit, how does this affect our recruitment of the two high school players?
Unless there is something we don't know about, we only have one scholarship left to give if Flavors commits. So that means there's only enough room for one of them.

Thor projects as a better player long term but Williams may be a better fit with his scoring ability. Given that Williams is seen as a lea to OSU, I expect he'll jump on our last scholarship soon and Thor will be looking elsewhere.
Dec 21, 2008
Could Hidde be forced out if we pick up Thor Williams and Flavors? Any other possible changes?
Idk what the relationship with Hidde is because after conference started there was no mentioning of him. Did he tear an acl?
Mar 27, 2008
Just speculation and guessing from me here so take it with a grain of salt. If we added Williams and Thor we would not have a scholarship to give in 2021 class because we would have no seniors next year. Could us adding Flavors who will be a senior and will allow us a scholarship in the 2021 class. That could mean that we have a good relationship and feeling about a high caliber player in the 2021 class and definitely want a scholarship available.