Men's Basketball 2020 JUCO C Bernard Kouma Signed with OSU

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Oct 4, 2006
Saint Louis, MO
Good size at 6’10”, 240 lbs. 3 years of eligibility left. Signed with Illinois out of high school and didn’t qualify, so went to JuCo in Texas for a year. Averaged 4.1 ppg and 3.8 rpg but only played 9.1 mpg in 29 games in JuCo. Good production for limited role, question is why was his role limited? Looks like they played 11 guys and they all had at least 6 mpg and nobody more than 27 mpg. Maybe they spread the PT around to showcase their players???

Was ranked #414 overall and a 3 star prospect in the class of 2019. Ranked the #78 power forward in the country and #9 player in the state of New York.

This also means that Yor transferring is a for sure deal now. One of the articles mentioned that rumors are that Pena has qualified. So, this completes the 2020 roster, no more spots left.

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Feb 27, 2018
They will get his body right. It’s probably not that far off right now if he’s 240. Reminds me kind of Kentrevious Jones last year and I remember him losing like 30 lbs over the summer.
Oct 1, 2006
Adding a little perspective to Bernard's numbers: I have watched South Plains play a few times over the past few years and they play extremely guard heavy. I didn't see them play this year, but looking at their stats it looks like more of the same. They try to play quick and focus on getting their guards in space.

I really like this late pick up. It's not flashy, but hopefully we only need him and Pena to be solid 10 minutes a game. The big guys are going to get a clinic on catching the basketball in traffic this year between Cade, Ice and Avery zipping it.
Sep 29, 2006
What I look at with these type players is more about basketball IQ. If you are a 5-10 minute per game guy you better know what to do and where to be on the court. Kentravoius Jones had the size and ability, but had no clue what he was doing.