Football 2019 S Dax Hill

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Feb 27, 2018
We ran a feature on Booker T. Washington's DB tandem this weekend. Some excerpts...

“In 27 years I’ve coached a lot of great players,” Hornets coach Brad Calip said. “Brandon Daniels was probably the best I ever coached at Ada, but Dax takes it to the next level with his speed and athletic ability.”

Hill, who has 200 career tackles, showed he’s a threat to score on defense as he turned four turnovers into touchdowns last season. He caught a 36-yard pass against Bixby in last year’s state final and will likely see increased action on offense as well as special teams, especially later in the season.

“We’ll spot him,” Calip said. “We’ll get him ready in Week 6 or 7 on both sides of the ball, and in the playoffs he’ll be on the field all the time, punt and kickoff returns.”


Hill vows the Hornets won’t have a letdown after all their success and attention from college recruiters.

“We know we’ve got to maintain focus and not become lackadaisical,” Hill said. “We need to keep doing what we’ve been doing.”


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Oct 21, 2011
Norman Trailerpark
Wait, so he chose to play with them? Silly me, I always thought the choice was made by geography of high school to determine which team they played on.
Going to play with Michigan commits in the Army All American game.
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I did read somewhere he chose to play in one all American game over the other. I think he chose Army over Under Armour or something like that. I never heard any reason as to why. I think it’s conjecture. I don’t think anyone plays in both of them.

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Oct 16, 2005
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Yep. He chose to play in the Army All-American game and "withdrew" from the Under Armour AA Game. I saw it as he loves Adidas as he captioned the announcement "Three Stripe Life".

Andddd that's 5 more minutes than I wanted to spend on an 18 year old kid's Twitter.

Based on what he says on Twitter: I don't think we're truly in the mix, but I would be ecstatic if he winds up here.