Football 2019 S Dax Hill

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Feb 5, 2008
Oklahoma City
uo has 4 db’s on nfl rosters the Cowboys have 8.
Overall you and others have a valid point but as far as being a high profile big time Oklahoma HS’er db who went high in the draft, Steven Parker says, hey what’s up. 10 yr past drafts not withstanding, the recent success of Gundy getting db’s to the nfl should be a selling point for him against uo.
Feb 27, 2018
Sorry if this is wrong forum. Feel free to move to recruiting if necessary...

Last Sunday afternoon, Oklahoma State running back Justice Hill jolted Cowboy fans with a six-syllable tweet: “Uh oh. #Dax2Stilly.”

For effect, Hill added the glancing-eyes emoji used by Oklahoma football coach Lincoln Riley and OSU basketball coach Mike Boynton before a recruited athlete announces his commitment.

“Dax” is Daxton Hill, Justice Hill’s younger brother and a five-star safety for the defending Class 6AII champion Booker T. Washington football team.

“Stilly” is Stillwater.

And when Dax Hill responded to his brother’s Twitter activity with a glancing-eyes emoji of his own, Oklahoma State fans lost their minds.


Nothing is imminent, says Derrick Hill, the father of Justice and Dax.

“They were having some brotherly fun,” Derrick Hill said. “It should be taken with a grain of salt.”