Football 2019 DB Xavier Player Commited to OSU

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Dec 21, 2008
Many under the radar offers and commits are products of these camps. Did he attend one? Also sometimes coaches talk to HS coaches and they say hey this guy is better than the two-three that have gone up to Stillwater. Building those relationships
Feb 27, 2018
The latest pre-signing day feature from Mark Cooper...

Xavier Player, who is one of three cornerback prospects set to sign with OSU on Wednesday, said he has always embraced the challenge of playing the position.

“I like the aspect of being under pressure at all times,” Player said. “It’s arguably the hardest position on the field. So I always loved that challenge. That started at a young age and then I just continued to build on it, always working harder and getting better. So I feel like at that position you can always be better. There’s no cap to it.”


Player and his father, Harvey Player, said Oklahoma State’s coaching staff began recruiting him as a sophomore and remained genuine through the entire process. Duffie made one final in-home visit with Player last Wednesday.

“I actually reminded him to his face that he was pretty much one of the first coaches to tell us how their recruiting process would go for Xavier,” Harvey Player said. “He kept it to the T. Exactly what he told us, that’s exactly what took place. That was just important to me because Xavier ended up with a total of 23 offers, and you can imagine how many coaches we talked to and the more you listened, you could see the inconsistencies. And I’m not trying to talk bad about anybody, but you can just see the inconsistencies and how some people were saying things that I felt they just wanted to get Xavier. But one thing about Coach Duffie is, he was honest, up front and nothing ever wavered.”