2019 Bedlam Football Thread.. Lets keep this going, idiots.

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Rob B.

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Aug 13, 2007
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I can claim I’m a fan of the game, because I am. I love football. I can be totally enthused watching it in any iteration. I love the philosophy. X’s and O’s. People. Stories. Evolution.

You are completely hung up on wanting someone... ANYONE. To wallow in grief over something to do with Oklahoma football. And despite losing two years in a row in a playoff, I simply cannot and won’t do that. It’s been an amazing ride. And honestly, if the roles were reversed, you wouldn’t either.

Despite having one of the worst performing defenses in the country, they achieved those results. So you know what’s gonna happen when they fix that deficiency? A lot of hardware. On top of the hardware they’re already piling up.

Sorry. Not sorry.

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Soooooo big sister.
Here's a newsflash chump, none of us talk much shit about ou until you start your t.g. mouth spooge. Get over yourself.

BTW, how did that Rose State football team do this year?