Men's Basketball 2018 PG Courtney Ramey

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Feb 5, 2008
Oklahoma City
Dont think he named a top 3. He had coaches visit him this weekend and Boynton was not one of them. Could be meeting at another time or we are out of the running.

Boynton met with him Thursday evening? What do you mean? Friday and saturday and sunday he had coaches come visit and Boynton was not one of them??
Jun 23, 2005
Rivals did an article where 3 analysts made commit predictions for unsigned Rivals150 prospects. 2 of the analysts picked Ramey to choose OSU and the other picked Mizzou.
KC Star reports that MU got a commitment from PG Avery Pinson today. Is that a good sign for OSU?
Dec 21, 2008
If his goal is to get to the NBA it will be easier in stillwater due to minutes. If you are sharing time and stats at Mizzou it will be tougher to get 15+ppg. I also read Cuonzo slowplayed him. I love Coach B and his blue collar swagger! Ramey would be huge especially helping us connect the final pieces and get into the next yr or 2 of recruiting. Boone twins are priority!