2012 OrangePower Tailgate!

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Oct 26, 2003
Carl Junction, MO
Since the season is just a few days away - looks at the countdown clock - I thought it would be good to give a little taste of this year's tailgate plans.

Where - Our spot on the South side of Ag Hall
When - Game days of course
Who - Anybody/everybody. Our planning is for feeding between 75 and 100 people per game with a spike for homecoming. Less for the morning games. Food is first come first served. - See below for more details


This year due to the generosity of the ownership @ OrangePower we will have a lot better tent set up than we've had in the past. The wind really killed our tents last year. So this year we have two tents that are 10x20. We will still have 400 square foot of shady goodness. These are steel tents and have a heavier duty canopy. If you have another tent, it can be brought and lined up around these. The more the merrier.

We will of course have the standard fare of tailgating greatness - Satellite TV, music, and food. The (in)Famous Intoxicologist is likely to be found bestowing his goodness upon our Orange society. Though I understand he won’t be at the first game. We are working on some other potential surprises but nothing to be mentioned here.

A few details that have changed from last year: New management. Rob Brown is still going to party likes its 1999, but he has other commitments that interfere with him putting this party together week after week. So Jay States and David Harrell are taking up the cause. This is new to us so be patient and offer help.

We would like to do a few things this year that we've not done in previous years and part of that is to offset some of the game day work. Things like replacing trash sacks when full or help with set up or tear down of the tailgate. Possibly moving the smoker from the storage to the tailgate location the night before or taking it back to storage after. If you have ideas on this, or would like to volunteer to help, please let us know.

We have several options for food throughout the year though we haven't completely buttoned down any particular theme for a particular weekend. We do have a few that are aligning for the moment.
Savanah State - Pork BBQ
Ragin Cajuns - Breakfast (11 AM kickoff)
ISU - whole hog (might be sectioned for easier cooking)
TCU - Fish fry / homemade corndogs
West Virginia - Tailgate gone wild!
Texas Tech - Steak and Beans - Can pay a premium and get a steak or get beans.
Other food themes we are considering - Mexican - chili - seafood boil - burgers/dogs/brats - would love some onion burgers as well.

We are taking up a cause! That being that the while the tailgate has always been a great source of fun, we want to accomplish something more. We are going to try and fund raise to form our very own scholarship. At this point the details are very minimal but that is the end goal. Obviously the tailgate needs to be financially self supporting and we are doing all we can do to cut the costs so we can get to this point as quickly as possible. We may not make it this season, but given time, we hope to achieve this very worthwhile goal. This means that it is important that if you partake at the tailgate that you need to donate to the cause. Also if you have an idea that could help the tailgate bring in more money for the scholarship fund, we are very interested in hear from you.

If it makes sense for you to make a single donation of size to donate for the full year, which is an option, that will help us right now while we are financially underwater. The powers that be frown on having the tailgate require payment for food/drink. We respect that, however the food is first come first served and there is a definite cost associated so just remember to donate if you are going to partake.

Final disclaimer, alcohol is not to be served to minors (miners might be ok, but definitely not if they are minor miners). We can not be responsible for everybody that takes part of the tailgate, so just don’t put us in a tough position by giving alcohol to somebody that can’t legally consume it.

David Harrell - Pokes


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Oct 20, 2008
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I vote for dogs/brats and Onion burgers at some point. but I'm not picky. I just really like those things. Baby mama's chilli was awesome last season when it got chilly. Rob B.


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Oct 15, 2003
I'm looking forward to just showing up with a chair and a cooler!!

With that said...you know I will help if you need it. Just say the word.

And as far as the fundraiser, the silent auction we did a few years back for OSUTuba's son was hugely successful. The hardest part was gathering donations. I hate that part. So if you want to do that, I will gladly organize the auction of items that other people solicit :D


Jan 22, 2011
How early do you guys set up? We do a concession stand and sunny get to tailgate, but if anyone is out there 5 hrs (roughly) to kickoff, and obviously night games, I'd like to say hi before heading into the stadium.


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Jun 8, 2004
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How early do you guys set up? We do a concession stand and sunny get to tailgate, but if anyone is out there 5 hrs (roughly) to kickoff, and obviously night games, I'd like to say hi before heading into the stadium.
5 hours before kickoff you will not only find people there, but a large portion will already be drunk from the previous 3 hours of tailgating.