2 oil tankers attacked off the coast of Iran. US sending Navy to assist

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BRB -- Taking an okie leak
Sep 14, 2010
Can't they plink off those little gunboats that are planting the mines and took those sailors hostage during O'Hammed's regime?
Nov 6, 2010
Well, now that the who dun it on the oil tankers has been upstaged and rendered moot, the only fun topic to discuss is our response. Any guesses?? I'm wondering why we wouldn't do a few airstrikes against their nuclear facilities. We know where they are, and that is presumably the crux of the current escalation. It could be considered measured, assuming we do it in the middle of the night with minimal collateral damage. It is a relevant target as Iran has announced they're increasing uranium enrichment. I wonder if there are still European monitors that could be in harm's way?? Any of you more military inclined folks know if there are technical/risk issues involved in such a strike??
Nov 6, 2010
I think we should capture one of their oil tankers to pay for the drone. One drone costs $180 million. Unbelievable.
Yea, but from what I understand it's the size of a 737. And do they even have any oil tankers?? I think those are all owned by everyone else besides the ones in the region.


Federal Marshal
Jan 11, 2010
In Pokey's head
You guys are a bunch of war mongers. We should follow the Ass Kisser in Chief Obama and give them another billion dollars and bow to General Salami.

Edit: Actually Odrama would be more likely to bend over forward in the presence of Mr. Salami.