2 Bedlam Tickets

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May 21, 2004

A good friend of our family is sick and in the hospital so they won't be able to use their tickets this weekend. The seats are in Section Q, Row 43, seats 46 & 47. These seats are next to my parents, so I would hope to sell these to someone that will be sober and decent for some older folks to sit next to. Trying my hardest to sell them to someone how bleeds orange. Tickets are going for face value = $75 each. Please remember that you will be sitting next to my parents -- they are good people and I am trying to find someone who would not "ruin" their gameday experience [surely you know what I am getting at]. They'll cheer just as loud as you...

These tickets need to go and will go quickly so email me at work -- csnider @ zahlford.com [you have to remove spaces from address] -- if you are interested.

being able to pick the tickets up in OKC would be the easiest for me and what I would hope to do. Don't want to interrupt either of our tailgating experiences by trying to hunt someone down. First come first served.