15 portals for WVU

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Nov 6, 2010
A bit OT, but the pic of the guy sitting in the parking lot above made me lol.
I just had triple bypass surgery last week, and after 6 days confined to a hospital, am back home.

BTW, I played de in college and now go 6-2 225. I wasnt really fat, in fact did 60 push-ups like 3 days before my chest pains sent me to hospital.

I dont smoke(never have), havnt had a doughnut or soft drink in 30 years, but cant beat genetics. Family history is pretty rough when it comes to heart. Anyway, I'm still alive, and will be (knock on wood) for a few more seasons.

Back on topic: WVU just mined another recruit from Europe. If we cant beat Michigan(we did beat ohio state and mich for 1 recruit who hasnt flipped) here in US, we'll get similar talent out of Europe.

WVU team rankings wont be good for this class. Bc scholie shortage Brown had to take more than 25 in 2019, and 5 are being counted toward s 2020 class even though they are at WVU and will play this fall.

Id be happy with 6-6 this year. too much turnover and then lose 2 all big 12 players to academics:)

thanks to wickline, the WVU oline has the worst depth in the past 20 years. The 1st thing the new oline coach said he cant believe how few olinmen are on the roster. Olines take time to rebuild.
We can certainly relate to the Wickline recruiting deal. We are just now recovering from it.