“Stoops moving from full-time to part-time at OU

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Aug 8, 2008
‪No wonder OU is under investigation for being fiscally irresponsible!

From The Oklahoman, Sunday, June 23

‪It wasn't entirely surprising, given that he recently took a job as a head coach in the XFL, but former Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops' role in the athletic department changed to a part-time one as of May 1.‬

‪Stoops voluntarily moved from being a full-time employee as a special assistant to athletic director Joe Castiglione to a half-time employee, according to the agenda for next week's OU Board of Regents meeting released Friday.‬

‪Stoops' salary was cut in half to $162,500 annually as part of the move. His contract will be for one year.‬
Nov 27, 2007
Isn’t there a conflict of interest in having a HC/GM of a professional football team as an employee of an college athletic department? Recruiting, guarantees, communication, etc?


Territorial Marshal
Feb 15, 2007
OU President David Boren: 'We are not subsidizing the athletics department with state funds'
“We have not been subsidizing the athletics department with money from the state or money from tuition revenues or from students or anything else,” Boren said. “It is like, in a way, a separate enterprise with its own earning and own revenues. Ticket sales, Big 12 Conference distribution, television contracts, earnings from our network, all sorts of things form the revenue.
“Sometimes the public misunderstands that. They read some expenditure in the athletic department and they think we’re spending state money to pay for that, money we could use for some other purpose. We are not. We are using revenues that are generated by the athletics department, and from a lot of donors, too, a tremendous donor base for the athletic department.”