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  1. jac1599

    Border Patrol Union Chief calls National Guard deployment a "colossal waste of resources"

    I wonder why their role would be so limited this time around.
  2. jac1599

    NK cancels high level summit with SK for tomorrow, (Updated: Trump cancels meeting with Kim Jong Un)

    Good grief, my 4 year old can form a more coherent sentence.
  3. jac1599

    Are Democrats open to blackmail?

    Well...she's about to die.
  4. jac1599

    Shooting at Texas High School

    So building upon this point (which I think is VERY valid) and the point that there is a "cultural" difference between us and our other economic peers. Let's compare some stats to Australia, since they get thrown into the gun control debate a lot. Australia divorce rate: 18% USA divorce rate...
  5. jac1599

    Shooting at Texas High School

    If there was a plot last year for a mass shooting, I wonder if it is the same kids.
  6. jac1599

    Shooting at Texas High School

    Relationship gone south? How is it that kids think this is acceptable now?
  7. jac1599

    Senate Intelligence Committee Releases findings on Russia & 2016 election

    Right. Mostly I was responding to the “crickets” GIF. As in, there’s crickets because this isn’t news. It was news 6 months ago.
  8. jac1599

    Senate Intelligence Committee Releases findings on Russia & 2016 election

    I thought we had known long ago that Russia funneled money to support Trump. I thought we were deciding now if Trump approved or was in on it?
  9. jac1599

    Body camera released after a SC NAACP president says he was racially profiled

    Yeah there was literally nothing inappropriate about that encounter.
  10. jac1599

    Cobra Kai

    My wife and I finished it up last night. We both really enjoyed it too. It was pretty predictable, but over all very entertaining. Hopefully they do seasons on a 6 month rotation so we don't have to wait a full year, as the finale set up the next season perfectly!
  11. jac1599

    Trump announces US to pull out of Iran Deal and Impose sanctions

    So now Iran says that because we are backing out they are going to "resume" their nuclear program...what about their agreement with all of the other countries involved? Or do they not matter?
  12. jac1599

    Stillwater Events Center Shooting

    I think the most important question is: Why does that person on the left not have pants on?
  13. jac1599

    Stillwater Events Center Shooting

    Strange that 3/4 victims drove an hour to get medical attention. If I had a bullet hole in my body, I’d be gettin somewhere quick!
  14. jac1599

    Stillwater Events Center Shooting

    That's a bad deal considering one of the victims was 16. I would assume that whatever fraternity it was is about to be in some serious trouble.
  15. jac1599

    Stillwater Events Center Shooting

    I thought the same thing. That is very unusual. So is the "club house" like the central building at an apartment complex?
  16. jac1599

    Constitution wins in Oklahoma

    Definitely an improvement from mine! The newbs that didn't have guns didn't even have to load them...or cock them...all they had to do was point down range, pull the trigger and not shoot a human.
  17. jac1599

    Constitution wins in Oklahoma

    My CCL class was a joke. The final question was "If you walk up on a midget beating a one legged hooker with her fake leg, who do you shoot?" If you answered "neither", you passed and went to shoot 10 rounds in the general direction of the target. Once you did that, you got your certificate...
  18. jac1599

    Breakdown of OSU's NFL Draft prospects; where they're projected to go

    A fast Russell Wilson. I was a bit surprised by Atlanta taking Calvin Ridley at 26, who by all scouting reports is a big project. I would rather have someone like Washington over Ridley...of course, that might be because of my orange tinted glasses.